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                              Do what you want without breaking the rules, this is the realm that Confucius only mastered in the seventy years of age. Then, we build a platform that includes all common outdoor light distribution types under the international standard of 50mm*50mm, so that customers can realize what they want under the standard of quick and convenient light distribution: outdoor Matrix optical platform.


                              The Matrix series has a very sound light distribution at the beginning of its birth, but with the development of the lighting industry, whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is obvious that high standards and high requirements are subdivided. This is a sign of progress, and also expresses the market's demand for more precise and professional light distribution. Therefore, the platformization of the Matrix series, HercuLux Optics is obliged. After the launch of the last five new light distributions, four more light distributions have been released. Next, I will share with you the specific types and application scenarios of these four light distributions.


                              The more and more diversified types of light distribution of the Matrix platform, not only can give customers more choices, but also engraved the solid mark of HercuLux on the road to more professional. There are so many types of light distribution, friends who need to know more are welcome to leave a message for consultation or contact the local sales staff.


                              In fact, each light distribution will also make some detailed adjustments and divisions according to the actual application scene. However, I would like to share with you the general application scenarios of various light distributions again.


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